Why do you prefer Guanchao?

Guanchao telescopicbelt conveyor can improve the productivity. The equipment is the the ergonomic design. It can improve the working environment, reduce labor intensity, and help you to savethe time, effort and money.

  • From2.8mto17.5m trucks.Guanchao can provide perfect loading and unloading solution.

  • Each equipment we can offer 600/800/1000 belt width.

  • We can customize telescopic belt conveyor according to requirements of customers.


The operatorcan control the lifting (hydraulic is needed) and the expanding of conveyor by joystick

Inner hydraulic system

The two hydrauliccylinders are used to adjust the height of the telescopic belt conveyor, so asto get a best operating height.

Photoelectric anti-collision device

When the machine isin the process of extending, there is an obstacle 10cm away from the front ofthe machine, the machine will stop extending.

Integrated tail end

We offer customized integrated tail according the cutomer workplace.

LED Light

Provide the best workingenvironment for the operation area lighting. We are equipped with safetyenergy-saving LED lights

Anti-pinch design

Pop-out rollers prevent the clamping the fingers of operator.

3 sections telescopic belt conveyor

4 sections telescopic belt conveyor

Drawer-type conveyor