Nanjing GuanchaoIndustryAutomation Co.Ltd was established in 2006 with a registered capital of10million. The company is the enterprise who produces complete sets of goods loading and unloading and logistics sorting, and offers global service.Thecompany has independent intellectual property rights and production base,andhas accumulated a strong technical force and years of professionaldesignexperience in the field of automation. Its core products telescopicbeltconveyor, with its biggest telescopic capacity of loading and unloadinginsimilar products, professional design and exquisite processing technology,has anabsolutely leading position in similar products. It won the majorityofdomestic users’ favor, and at the same time is ready to enter the internationalmarket.

Guanchao telescopic belt conveyor issuitable for various occasions, meet loading and unloading requirements for avariety of products, fully solves the customers problems of slow loading andunloading, low efficiency and higher cost. The independently developed telescopicbelt conveyor equipment and systems by the company can save a lot of loadingand unloading integrated costs (operation and management costs, human resourcecosts, transportation costs, time costs, etc.)

We provide fast andmeticulous service. We are equipped with professional engineers according todifferent needs of customers; assist the customers for proper selection, so asto fully simplify the process of selection, and ensure the products selectedare economic and practical. We have a nationwide installation service team, soas to ensure that all the problems customers encountered in the installationand using can be answered and resolved in the shortest time.

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